Jet Contrail

Jet Contrail is the right pilot training program for you IF:

1. If you do not want to go away from home for 2 weeks, sleep in a motel, go to class all day, then at 3 am, sit in a simulator for 2 hours.
2. If you have a business to run and cannot afford to be away for 2 weeks.
3. If you would like to train in your aircraft, at your location, at your learning pace, without the regimented program that a simulator based company will put you through.
4. A Jet Contrail instructor will be with you through ground school, through the flight training, through the oral, through the check ride, and through the celebration after you have received your jet type rating.

Let Jet Contrail help you from the beginning. We can help place you with an insurance company that works for you, that is pre-approved for Jet Contrail's training. Contact us prior to committing on your aircraft insurance.

Type Ratings, PPE'S, Recurrent & Initial
Type ratings in the following aircraft:

CE-500 Citation I & II Jet

CE-525 Citation Jet

CE-650 Citation Jet

G-I Gulfstream

G-II Gulfstream

MU-300 Mitsubishi Jet

G-III Gulfstream

FA-C123 Transport

G-IV Gulfstream

SA-227 Metroliner

King Air 1900


DA-10 Falcon Jet

BE-300 & 350 King Air

DA-20 Falcon Jet

BE-400 Diamond Jet

DA-50 Falcon Jet


(813) 390-3062


Jet Contrail also provides complete training in:

Merlin II, III, IIIB, SA-227 Metroliner, Conquest, Turbo Commanders, MU-2, King Airs

Jet Contrail can provide Part 135 training in all aircraft listed.
We can provide 135 ground school and 8410-s in the following aircraft:

HS-125 Hawker Jet, LR-Jet Lear Jet, CE-500 Citation Jet, King Air, Falcon 20, Falcon 10

Also, we provide PPE (Pilot Proficiency Exam) annual recurrency in the following aircraft:

HS-125 Hawker Jet, LR-Jet Lear Jet, CE-500 Citation Jet, Westwind I, Westwind II
1121 Jet Commander, 1123 Commodore Jet, WW-1124, DA-20, CE-650, MU-300, BE-400


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